NetTalk Basics
1. What is NetTalk by True?
  NetTalk by True is an online communication service via the Internet, which uses audio as the media format. Basically, it is like chat, (Yahoo Messenger, MSN) but uses sound instead of text, so that the communication experience is as similar to speaking on the phone as possible.
2. Are NetTalk by True and Skype the same?
  Yes, they are both telephone service via VoIP Internet
3. Can NetTalk by True and Skype be used together?
  No NetTalk by True users can not use the service to contact Skype users, because they are on different networks. However, future developments may enable them to be used together.
4. Do you have to use True Hi Speed Internet to use NetTalk?
  No. With todays technology, you can access NetTalk from any Internet service provider in Thailand and around the world. All you need is an Internet connection (except in cases where ISPs have been deliberately blocked)
5. Can I use NetTalk with a 56k modem connection?
  Yes, but you must access it via NetTalk Softphone, and in Softphone set to the picture. In General Settings, choose standard voice quality. Sound quality wont be as good as with hi speed Internet, but you can still use it.
6. Where can I use NetTalk?
  Callers can use NetTalk from anywhere with an Internet connection
  • Call recipients can either be NetTalk by True numbers
  • fixed landlines anywhere in Thailand
  • Thai mobile phone numbers
  • international fixed line and mobile phone numbers

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